Agen-style salt marsh lamb skewers

Phototèque BIP

6 people
Ingredients :
800g deboned leg or shoulder of lamb,
6 tomatoes (small and firm)
2 onions
36 pitted prunes
24 fresh bacon cut into small pieces,
Olive oil
Thyme, pepper
Cut the meat into 36 even cubes. Wash, dry and quarter each tomato. Peel the onions. Quarter them and separate the layers. Thread onto each skewer: meat, onion, pitted prune, bacon, tomato, meat, onion, prune, etc. Sprinkle salt on the skewers, brush with oil and roll in thyme leaves. Cook the skewers under a hot grill for around ten minutes. Turn them over half way through. Add pepper once cooked. Serve on heated plates with plain rice.