Gascony charlotte

Phototèque BIP

6 people
Ingredients :
1 box of ladies’ finger biscuits
20 Very large Agen prunes + 2 for decoration
5 peaches in syrup (or very ripe peaches) + 2 for decoration
For the syrup:
- 50ml of rum + 100ml of water
- 25g of sugar + 50g
- 125g of cream
- 125g of curd cheese
Pit the prunes and halve them. Peel and dice the 5 peaches and put the juice in a bowl with the water, rum and sugar to obtain a syrup. Soak the biscuits in the syrup and line the bottom of the sides of a charlotte mould. Mix the cream, the curd cheese and the remaining sugar. Into the mould, add half the peaches and prunes and half the cream. Place a layer of soaked biscuits on top, add the remaining fruit and cream, and finish with the remaining soaked biscuits. Put the lid on the mould, force any air out and chill for 10 minutes. Unmould and decorate with pieces of peach and prunes.