Gingerbread Feuillantine

Phototèque BIP

4 people
Ingredients :
250g of prunes
1 litre of milk
6 egg yolks
275g of sugar
60ml of Armagnac
2 oranges
75g of butter
Finely slice the gingerbread, butter it lightly and bake it until golden. Soak the prunes overnight in an Armagnac syrup. For the orange sauce, juice the oranges, add 75g of sugar, 75g of butter and bring to the boil. To make the ice cream, make a pouring custard with 6 egg yolks, 200g of sugar, 1 litre of milk and 60ml of Armagnac. Add the slices of gingerbread between the layers of ice cream, add a few prunes and glaze with orange sauce.