Pork chops with prunes and fresh pasta

8 people
Ingredients :
8 thick pork chops
400g of Agen prunes
500ml of Muscadet
1 bouquet garni
100ml of rum
salt, pepper, paprika
2 tablespoons of cream
1kg of fresh pasta
Soak the Agen prunes in Muscadet wine. Prepare a marinade with the bouquet garni, 100ml of Muscadet, the rum, salt, pepper and paprika. Add the 8 pork chops and leave to marinade for 12 hours. Drain the chops, toss in flour and sear in a sauté pan. Pour over the marinade. Flambé it when the liquid is hot. Leave to cook over a low heat for 20 minutes, covering the pan. Cook the pasta. Put the pork on a hot plate. Add the prunes to the sauce and reduce over a high heat. Before serving, thicken the sauce with the cream. Present the Agen prunes at the centre of the plate and glaze the meat with the sauce.