Eat them straight
out the pack

Agen prunes may be gaining a reputation as an ingredient in the kitchen, but it’s their natural flavour and convenience as a delicacy in their own right that has made them such a popular choice throughout history.
Not so long ago, the prune was the victim of an unfounded negative image, and its popularity fell. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. Prunes are now considered a great food to eat at any time of the day, both for their nutritional qualities and their flavour.

Breakfast is the perfect time to make use of prunes’ high vitamin and fibre content.

They are a fantastic addition to your hors d’oeuvres too, either on their own or combined with savoury products. A number of delicious hors d’oeuvre recipes are available on our site.

Prunes also make a great snack when you want to take the edge off your hunger. They’re a great alternative to other snacks and fruits.

They’re great for sportsmen and women, too. Professionals have long appreciated the nutrients and benefits that this magical little fruit can offer your body, both during and after sport, helping wash away the negative image that has long stuck to prunes.