Duck breast skewers with Agen prunes and Lot & Garonne hazelnuts

Recipe from Jonathan Houzelle

4 people

Preparation : 5 minutes
Cooking : 15 minutes
Ingredients :
- 2 duck breasts

- 300g of Agen pitted prunes

- Chopped hazelnuts

- Salt & freshly ground pepper.
1. Preparation:

- Score a crosshatched pattern into the skin of the duck breast to a depth of 1cm using a sharp knife.

– Put the chopped hazelnuts onto a small plate.

2. Cooking:

Sear the duck breast, skin side down, over a low heat to render the fat and colour the skin.

– Once browned, cook the prunes gently in the fat.

– At the same time, finish cooking the duck in a pan (5 minutes) or in the oven (5 minutes at 160°C).

3. Plating:

- Cut the duck into large cubes with a good layer of fat.

– Spear a prune and a cube of duck onto a cocktail stick, and roll the meat in the hazelnuts.