Poitou Rabbit in a carrot jelly with Agen Prunes

Recipe from Chef Michel Trama

4 people
Ingredients :
- 30 g Agen Prunes, diced into a brunoise

- 4 whole Agen Prunes (for decoration)

- 300 g saddle of rabbit

- 15 g pickled ginger

- 8 g chives

- 400 g carrot juice

- 2.5 sheets of gelatine

- 500 ml olive oil

- 4 chive sprigs

- Lemon juice

- Salt, pepper

Condiments for the olive oil :

- 1 star anise

- 4 juniper berries

- 1 clove of garlic

- 1 sprig of thyme

- 1 bay leaf

STEP 1 :

Season and confit the saddle of rabbit in the olive oil with the condiments in an oven heated to 120°C for two hours.

Leave to cool, flake the rabbit meat and mix with the diced prunes.

Dice the ginger into brunoise, chop the chives then mix these with the rabbit and prunes. Season.

STEP 2 :

Bloom the gelatine in a small bowl of ice water.

Heat the carrot juice to 60°C and add the gelatine. Mix well and strain.

STEP 3 :

Dress the flaked rabbit in soup plates and cover with the carrot jelly. Chill for one hour.

STEP 4 :

Just before serving, add a whole prune and a chive sprig, seasoned with the lemon juice, to each plate.