Salmon hors d’oeuvres

Recipe from BIP
Phototèque BIP

6 people

Preparation : 50 minutes
Cooking : 40 minutes
Ingredients :
4 slices of smoked salmon

2 fresh or canned slices of pineapple

10 prunes

1g powdered saffron


cocktail sticks

For the cream:

- 1 teaspoon of smooth mustard

- ½ lemon

- 100ml of cream

- Basil
Cut the pineapple into medium chunks and sprinkle with saffron and pepper.

Pit the prunes and halve them.

Stuff them with the pineapple chunks.

Cut the salmon slices into strips.

Roll each around a stuffed prune.

Spike with a cocktail stick.

Keep chilled.

Prepare the cream:

Thin the mustard with a splash of lemon juice.


Add the cream and a pinch of chopped basil.