Soy milk rice pudding with Agen prunes

Recipe from Jonathan Houzelle

4 people

Preparation : 15 minutes
Cooking : 10 minutes
Ingredients :
125g of short-grain rice

8 Agen prunes

1 litre of soy milk

1 vanilla bean

1 cinnamon stick

40 grams of sugar
1. Preparation:

- Split the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and drop it into the saucepan with the milk. Heat the milk.

- Rinse the rice and pour it into the saucepan once the milk starts to boil.

– Simmer gently for around 50 minutes.

– 5 minutes before the rice is ready, add the sugar and the cinnamon.

- Chop the prunes into small pieces.

2. Plating:

Place the equivalent of 2 prunes in the bottom of each glass.

– Cover with a thick layer of rice pudding.

– Repeat.

– Leave to cool and serve cold.